NARFBR Technician Recruitment 2023: Enhance Your Career In A Premier Biomedical Research Environment

The National Animal Resource Facility for Biomedical Research (NARFBR) has announced its Technician Recruitment for 2023. This premier institute, dedicated to providing superior resources for animal experimentation, offers an unparalleled environment for technical skill development and professional growth.

Technicians at NARFBR play a vital role in maintaining and operating the specialized equipment used in various research projects. They work closely with scientists and researchers, assisting in the daily operations of the laboratory and contributing to the facility’s mission of fostering high-quality animal resources.

Joining NARFBR as a Technician offers a chance to be part of a collaborative team working towards advancements in biomedical research. It is an opportunity to develop your skills and expand your knowledge in the technical aspects of laboratory operations.

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